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      Job Openings

      Great things are happening at Pioneer. Be a part of it!

      Teacher and student walking

      We truly set our company apart from other employers by carefully selecting an outstanding array of medical, financial and personal offerings. Joining the Pioneer team has its perks!

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      Group of speakers
      Campus Recruitment

      Our pipeline of outstanding talent runs through top colleges and universities. Each fall, Pioneer recruiters visit campuses to identify potential interns and employees.

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      Testimonials From Current Employees

      Pioneer cares about their employees by encouraging a work life balance and providing the resources to live it!

      Angela Sheppard

      Support Technician, Health, Safety & Environmental

      Pioneer is a family-oriented company that truly cares about your safety and work-life balance.

      Barry Portman

      Vice President, Permian Field Operations

      I have found Pioneer holds endless opportunities to develop professionally and personally, mentor others, and take initiative, at both an individual and team level.

      Bonnie Black

      Vice President, Permian Well Planning and Permitting

      Every role is appreciated and considered important to achieving our success. Innovative ideas are encouraged. Diversity and the many cultures and lifestyles represented here are embraced and celebrated.

      Carol Adler

      Senior Regulatory Specialist, Permian Asset Team

      The facilities are second to none, and they have the equipment to do the job and make sure it’s done safely. Pioneer has a tremendous investment in our well-being.

      Cody Young

      Maintenance Technician, Permian

      They provide top-of-the-line equipment and facilities. I wish I had started with Pioneer right out of school. It’s really a great company to work for.

      Dylan Schwartz

      Maintenance Technician, Permian

      The best part of my job is my manager. He welcomes and trusts my decisions. With my current role, there’s never a dull moment.

      Eddie Melendez

      Manager, Corporate Facilities, Permian

      Pioneer challenges employees to grow, learn and achieve. I’m encouraged every day to excel as a person, supervisor and professional. I feel appreciated for my cultural diversity, skills and knowledge.

      Marie Guerrero-Luera

      Senior Supervisor, Contractor Health & Safety, Permian

      My extended family lives in Hong Kong, but I am blessed to work for, and be part of, this big Pioneer family with supportive management, great counselors/mentors and work friends.

      Patricia Chi

      Engineering Analyst

      The Pioneer team and its people are what make this the place I’m proud to call my work home.

      Phillip Flores

      Senior Continuous Improvement Specialist, Business Practices

      One of the many reasons I love working at Pioneer is our people. I truly enjoy being part of a caring, family-like atmosphere.

      Roger Lopez

      Operations Supervisor, Health & Safety

      Discover why we like to say that our employees are our greatest asset.