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      Andrew F. Cates

      Andrew F. Cates
      Andrew F. Cates

      Founding Partner, Value Acquisition Fund

      Andrew Cates became a Director of the company in June 2009. He is the Founding Partner of Value Acquisition Fund, and Chief Executive Officer and General Partner of RVC Outdoor Destinations, a developer and operator of outdoor resorts. Cates has acquired and asset-managed commercial real estate throughout the United States within various entities, including Value Acquisition Fund, an acquisition, development, and asset management company, which he founded in 2004. After starting his career in Dallas, Texas, with Crow Family Holdings and Viceroy Investments, he became the Project Developer and founding Board Chairman of Soulsville, one of the largest inner-city revitalization projects in the United States. In 2000, he began working with a team of civic and business leaders that attracted the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA franchise to Memphis, Tennessee, in 2001.

      Cates earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Texas at Austin. He currently serves on the boards of Memphis University School, Memphis Fourth Estate, Inc. and Myelin Repair Foundation.