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      Committee Membership


      Audit Committee


      Compensation and Leadership Development Committee


      Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee


      Health, Safety and Environment Committee

      J. Kenneth Thompson

      Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Pacific Star Energy LLC

      Edison C. Buchanan

      Former Managing Director, Credit Suisse First Boston

      Andrew F. Cates

      Founding Partner, Value Acquisition Fund

      Phillip A. Gobe

      Former President and Chief Operating Officer, Energy Partners, Ltd.

      Larry R. Grillot

      Retired Dean, Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, University of Oklahoma

      Royce W. Mitchell

      Executive Consultant

      Stacy P. Methvin

      Retired Vice President, Shell Oil Company

      Frank A. Risch

      Retired Vice President and Treasurer, Exxon Mobil Corporation

      Scott D. Sheffield

      President and CEO

      Mona K. Sutphen

      Senior Advisor, The Vistria Group LLC

      Phoebe A. Wood

      Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation

      Michael D. Wortley

      Chief Legal Officer, Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.