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      J. Kenneth Thompson

      J. Kenneth Thompson
      J. Kenneth Thompson

      Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Pacific Star Energy LLC

      J. Kenneth Thompson became a Director of the company in August 2011 and was named Lead Director in May 2015. He has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Star Energy LLC, a privately held oil and gas investment firm in Alaska, since September 2000. He served as Managing Director of Alaska Venture Capital Group LLC, a privately held oil and gas exploration company in which Pacific Star Energy LLC owns an interest, from December 2004 to December 2012. Thompson’s experience includes serving as Executive Vice President of Atlantic Richfield Company’s (“ARCO”) Asia Pacific oil and gas operating companies in Alaska, California, Indonesia, China and Singapore from 1998 to 2000, and President and Chief Executive Officer of ARCO Alaska, Inc., the parent company’s oil and gas-producing subsidiary based in Anchorage, from June 1994 to January 1998. He served as executive head of ARCO’s oil and gas research and technology center from 1993 to 1994.

      Thompson received a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology. He also serves as a director of Coeur Mining, Inc., a company engaged in the operation, ownership, development and exploration of silver and gold mining property, Alaska Air Group, Inc., the parent company for Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and Horizon Air Industries, and Tetra Tech, Inc., an engineering consulting firm.