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      Our roster of talented scientists and engineers identified efficiencies that cut the time needed for horizontal drilling and completion by seven days per well.

      Our sharp business savvy means our debt levels and cash flow remained solid – all through five downturns. When others threw in the towel, we kept moving forward.

      Global newswire service Reuters noted the impact we’ve had during the U.S. shale boom: “Fortune favored the bold drillers that discovered and pumped oil fastest. Today the winners are producers like Pioneer Natural Resources, who best shielded themselves from tumbling prices.”

      Whether we’re working with our own employees, our suppliers, our interest owners or our valued allies in the Permian Basin, we approach each task with hard work, innovation and perseverance.

      That’s the Pioneer way.

      Permian Basin

      Decades ago, Pioneer first staked its claim to those legacy wells that hiccupped just 10 or 12 barrels of oil a day. We stayed, and now that commitment is paying off.

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      Two men looking at data

      Innovation goes hand-in-hand with what we’re known for: Empowering smart, motivated people, truly hearing their ideas and giving them the resources to put those ideas into action.

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      Royalty Owners

      Relationships are important to Pioneer, and we strive to provide our interest owners with a high level of service, communicating with you in a professional, timely and accurate manner.

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      Supplier rig

      We value a strong working alliance with our suppliers and contractors, and we consider them an important part of our business.

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      Vertical shot of pipes and pulleys
      Vertically Integrated Services

      By utilizing both internal and external partnerships, Pioneer works to achieve cost control, greater efficiency, operational excellence, innovation and, most importantly, a safe work environment in the field.

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